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1950's: Our Beginnings
PIERRE J PETROU and CELIA MEILAN, found Marine and Animal By-Products Inc., to trade fishmeal and feather meal, taking office space in the Woolworth Building, New York City. By year-end, the Company had expanded and opened an office in Santiago, Chile.
1960's: Our Initial Public Offering
In 1962, the Company changes its name to International Proteins Corporation ("IPC") and goes public. Offices are opened in Panama and Peru, and the Company opens its first terminal warehouse in Bayonne, New Jersey. International Trading Division established as Animalfeeds International Corporation. During this, the Company experienced explosive growth, amassing six fishmeal plants and a fleet of sixty-eight fishing boats, a freezer, a cannery, and a shipyard in Peru, along with a plant and shipyard in Panama. Terminal warehouses are acquired in Baltimore, Maryland, Morehead City, North Carolina, and Port Arthur, Texas. Animalfeeds corporate headquarters is relocated to New Jersey. In December 1969, the Company is listed on the American Stock Exchange under the ticker PRO.

1970's: Peru Nationalizes fishing industry
After the Company suffers a tremendous setback in Peru when its fishmeal plants and fleet are nationalized, the Company furthers its reputation for innovation by establishing shrimp ponds, a hatchery, laboratory and feed mill in Ecuador to supplement it shrimp fleet.

1980's: Company Privatization
In 1989, the Fishmeal and Fishoil business was privatized by its founders when the publicly listed stock and related aquaculture and agribusiness units are sold.

In 1993, the Company co-founder, Pierre Petrou, passes away, and key managers take an equity stake in the Company. In 1998, the IPC name is sold, and the Company name reverts to Animalfeeds International Corporation. Trading offices in Peru and Chile are enlarged, and operations in Panama are augmented with an expanded fleet and the construction of a new distribution terminal to capitalize on the growth of container freight service in the area.

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