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Many years ago, when Pierre Petrou and I dreamed of going into business together, we never realized how far we could go or how interesting, how exciting, the journey would be.
Finally in 1955, we gave up our jobs and set out on that challenge from a small office in the Woolworth Building in New York, under the name, 'Marine and Animal By-Products Corp.', with my personal savings as our capital. In 1962, due to our explosive growth and success importing and exporting all types of animal feed ingredients - especially fishmeal and fishoil - we changed our name to International Proteins Coporation (IPC) and became publicly traded. In 1969, our shares were listed on The American Stock Exchange in New York. A major event! In the meantime, we had opened the first of our many terminals, in Bayonne, New Jersey and several foreign offices in Europe and South America under the name Animalfeeds International Corporation.

During the 1960's we began investing in fishmeal production and purchased 6 fishmeal factories with a fleet of 68 fishing boats in Peru. We subsequently owned production facilities in West Africa, and the USA, and had interests in fishmeal plants in Canada and Chile. During the 70's and 80's our reach expanded into other businesses; the import of frozen and canned fish and seafood; operating shrimp boats, shrimp farms, and processing plants in Panama and Ecuador; aquisition of a cottonseed processing mill in Texas, salmon farming businesses in Chile and Scotland, and a tuna cannery in California. The company even acquired a controlling interest in a chain of family restuarants in the United States.

In 1989, Pierre and I privatized our core business - the Protein and Trading Division. To secure the continuity of the corporation, we started the process of having key managers become owners of the company. This process was accelerated after the death of Mr. Petrou in 1993.

With the new millenium upon us, we remain focused on fulfilling the protein and fat procurement needs of animal feed producers around the wrold. We envision a world where protein demand continues to pressure protein supply, accelerating a trend which has already begun. To compete in this environment, we have located our offices and staff strategically throughout the Americas, each in an area rich in marine and animal protein sources, to better serve our customers' global needs with local expertise. In 1998, we opended a trading office in Lima, Peru and sold trading offices in Minnesota and California, along with our name, in transactions that are proving to be well timed. Thus we have another name change, this time to Animalfeeds International Corporation, a name well remembered in many circles.

During our 45-year history we have had our share of disappointments, but all in all, we have been blessed with wonderful success. During that time much has changed, but our enthusiasm for the business and our fondness for the friends we have made remain constant. Utilizingg the knowledge and experience gained from 5 decades of uninterrupted service in the food and feed industry, our goal is to be the best source of protein throughout the Americas. We look forward to continue serving you under the "ANIMALFEEDS" banner.

- Celia Meilan, Vice President and Founder

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