Fishmeal Poultry and Swine Grades
Early Weaned Piglets Grade (Super-Prime 68)
Standard Selected (Steamdried 65/66)
‘Texas Proteins’ (Menhaden fishmeal 60/65 Poultry Grade)
‘Las Perlas’ (Poultry Grade 58/62)
‘Oceano Pacifico’ (60/65)

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  Especially picked lots from wholemeal Menhaden processed by plants in the United States with the highest most modern technology available, from fish delivered chilled by refrigerated vessels which assures high nutritional value as well as a high digestible protein with guaranteed freshness parameters intended for consumption by poultry and swine, giving outstanding feed performance as proven by American growers. 'Texas Protein' Menhaden Fishmeal is available in two qualities: LT Selected 65 especially for early weaned piglets milk replacer and Standard 60% suitable for poultry and swine feed.

Packed by our plant in Texas in:
(1) 50 kg polypropylene bags
(2) powder in bulk shipped in containers, or conventional bulkcarrier vessels loaded at our pier in Port Authur, Texas.


Grade Standard LT Selected
   Protein (min) 60% 65%
   Fat (max) 12% 12%
   Moisture (max) 10% 10%
   Salt & Sand (max) 5% 5%
   Sand Alone (max) 2% 2%
   Ash (max) 20% 20%
   TVN (max) - 120mg/100g
   FFA (max) - 10%
   Histamine (max) - 500 ppm
   Digestibility Mod. Torry (min) - 93%

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