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Crude Fishoil FFA 3%
Semirefined Fishoil FFA 0.5%
NUTROIL Fishoil in drums for aquaculture
Salmon Fishoil

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  Fishoil Animal and Aquaculture Grades

Crude Salmon Oil results for wet-pressing edible grade salmon by-products. Its unique pink color, guarantees freshness parameters and high concentration of Omega-3, makes this oil ideal for aquaculture feeds given the combination of attractant properties, binding ability and energy content.

Crude Salmon Oil is made in South Chile (the second largest salmon farming industry in the world) from raw materials picked up at the salmon processing plants, transported on ice in sealed containers and produced under modern process.

Crude Salmon Oilis available on year round basis. Shipment under FOSFA terms including official inspection of suitable tanks for transportation.

(1)Shipment in bulk tankers. Minimum order 300 metric tons
(2)Shipment in bulk containers (tanktainers or disposable flexitanks)
(3)Shipment in 200 kg steel drums in containers 'NUTROIL' brand.

Free Fatty Acid (max) 3%
   Moisture + Impurities 1%
   Unsap matters (max) 2.5%
   Color (Gardner) 12-13
   Anisidine (max) 10 Meg/Kg
   Peroxide Value 6 Megg/kg
   Iodine Value (Wijs) 170/180
   Astaxantine 20/25 ppm
   EPA 9/9.5%
   DHA 9/13%
   Total Omega -3 24/30%

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