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AquaSemirefined Fishoil FFA 0.5% is produced during the process of manufacturing fishmeal by pressing and centrifugation of fresh fish such as sardines, anchovy, jack mackerel and herring which are the main species of pelagic fish available in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of South America. Crude fishoil is processed in order to eliminate impurities. The oil must pass through a filter or separator to reduce solid and water content. Further steps of the refining are degumming, neutralizing, washing, drying and then bleaching.

This results in a very stable product in terms of Free Fatty Acid content with an extended shelf life.

AquaSemirefined Fishoil FFA 0.5% is recognized as a healthy component of diets due to its high content of mono and poly-unsaturated fatty acids, particularly rich in Omega-3 (EPA and DHA) and is recommended as feed inclusion for salmonids and other sensitive marine species.

AquaSemirefined Fishoil FFA 0.5% is available on year round basis. Shipment under FOSFA terms including official inspection of suitable tanks for transportation.

(1)Shipment in bulk tankers. Minimum order 300 metric tons
(2)Shipment in bulk containers (tanktainers or disposable flexitanks
(3)Shipment in 200 kg steel drums in containers for NUTROIL brand.

AquaSemirefined Fishoil FFA 0.5%  
   Free Fatty Acid (max) 0.5%
   Moisture + Impurities (max) 0.5%
   Unsaponifiable matters (max) 1.5%
   Color (Gardner) 9
   Anisidine (max) 10 units
   Peroxide Value (max) 5 mg/kg
   Iodine Value (Wijs) 110/190
   Waxy Ester (max) 20%

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