Fishmeal Aquaculture Grades
AquaPremium Selected (Super-Prime 68 / Prime 67)
AquaStandard Selected (Steamdried 65/66)
‘Texas Proteins’ (Menhaden fishmeal LT Selected 65)
‘Las Perlas’ ( Aquagrade fishmeal 58/62)
‘Oceano Pacifico’ (Aquagrade fishmeal 60/65)

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  The technical staff of our offices in Chile and Peru, selects the most restrictive lots out of the best quality produced by the most renowned manufacturers in South America especially intended for achieving the highest feed conversion and daily weight gain. We offer two high quality AquaPremium alternatives: Super-Prime 68 for sensitive species such as salmonids (Atlantic and Pacific salmon) trout and eels. Prime 67 suitable for tank and pond marine culture such as tilapia, grouper, carp, turbot and yellow tail. Both premium qualities are suitable for shrimp farming depending upon locality and feed technology used and whether intensive or extensive. AquaPremium Super-Prime 68 and Prime 67 fishmeals ensure high digestibility and palatability for aquaculture feed due to the fact that the freshest and highest quality raw material is used along with top of the line production technology (double-stage low temperature indirect drying with a flash warm air finisher to avoid protein overheating).
Grade Super-Prime 68 Prime 67
   Protein (min) 68% 67%
   Fat (max) 10% 10%
   Moisture (max) 10% 10%
   Ash (max) 15% 16%
   Salt & Sand 4% 5%
   Sand Alone (max) 1% 2%
   TVN (max) 100mg/100gr 120mg/100g
   FFA (max) 10% 10%
   Histamine (max) 500 ppm 1,000 ppm
   Modified Torry Digestibility (min) 94% 93%
   Salmonella (min) none none
   Shigela none none
   Flow Number 4 to 7 4 to 7

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