Fishmeal Aquaculture Grades
AquaPremium Selected (Super-Prime 68 / Prime 67)
AquaStandard Selected (Steamdried 65/66)
‘Texas Proteins’ (Menhaden fishmeal LT Selected 65)
‘Las Perlas’ ( Aquagrade fishmeal 58/62)
‘Oceano Pacifico’ (Aquagrade fishmeal 60/65)

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  Especially picked lots from wholemeal Menhaden processed by plants in the United States with the highest most modern technology available, from fish delivered chilled by refrigerated vessels which assures a high nutritional value especially intended for consumption by trout, shrimp and tank fish mariculture giving outstanding feed performance.

‘Texas Protein’ LT Selected 65 is a highly digestible protein with guaranteed freshness parameters resulting in the finest fishmeal quality in the United States and packed by our plant in Texas.

Alternatives of packaging include:
(1)50 kg polypropylene bags
(2)Containers in bulk
(3)Powder in bulk in conventional bulkcarrier vessels.

Grade LT Selected
   Protein (min) 65%
   Fat (max) 12%
   Moisture (max) 10%
   Ash (max) 20%
   Salt & Sand (max 5%
   Sand Alone (max) 2%
   TVN (max) 120mg/100gr
   FFA (max) 10%
   Histamine (max) 500 ppm
   Modified Torry Digestibility (min) 93%

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