Fishmeal Petfood Grades
Petgrade Standard (Steamdried 65/68)
Oceano Pacifico (Petfood Grade fishmeal 60/65)
Salmon Meal

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  OCEANO PACIFICO fishmeal packed by our plant in Panama offers two grades for petfood: Standard 62% and Standard Selected 62/65% with guaranteed parameters of freshness. Care has been taken to ensure consistent ingredient with high digestibility at an affordable price suitable for prime animal feedingg. Aminoacid composition makes the use of OCEANO PACIFICO fishmeal highly recommendable and beneficial for all areas within the petfood industry.

Alternatives for packaging are:
(1) 50kg polypropylene bags
(2) containers in powder bulk and
(3) powder in bulk in conventional bulkcarrier vessels. Quality and Weight Certification by SGGS Panama, Inc.

Category Standard 62% Standard Selected 62/65%
   Protein (min) 62% 64/65%
   Fat (max) 12% 12%
   Moisture (max) 10% 10%
   Salt & Sand (max) 5% 5%
   Sand Alone (max 2% 2%
   TVN mg/100g (max) - 150mg/100g
   FFA (max) - 12%

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