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Salmon Meal

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  Salmon Meal supplied by Animalfeeds is highly recommended for petfood, especially for cats as it is one of the most sought after ingredients on the label. Salmon Meal is made in South Chile (the second largest salmon farming industry in the world) from raw materials picked up at the salmon processing plants, transported on ice in sealed containers and produced under modern low temperature processing.

Alternatives for packaging are:
(1) 50kg polypropylene bags
(2) 1-ton jumbo bags in bulk in containers
(3) 20' containers in powder in bulk.


  Salmon Meal
   Protein (min) 62/65%
   Fat (max) 15%
   Moisture (max) 10%
   Ash (max) 15%
   Salt (max) 1%
   TVN (max) 150mg/100g
   FFA (max) 10%
   Histamine (max) 200 ppm
   Digestibility (min) 92%
   Antioxidant 150 ppm
   Salmonella (min) none
   Calcium (max) 2.7%

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